As a member of California Kids Care, your child will benefit from our family-centered approach to care.

Family-centered care puts your child’s needs at the center of his/her healthcare.

Family-centered care focuses on all aspects of patient care, service delivery, care coordination, and patient experience.

The foundation for family-centered care is the Medical Home.

Key features of the California Kids Care family-centered medical home include:

  • A Medical Home team made up of healthcare professionals will provide necessary services and monitor your child’s on-going care. The Medical Home Team includes:
    – A dedicated primary care doctor.
    – A Care Navigator nurse who coordinates all your child’s health care needs.
  • A customized Care Plan specifically designed to meet your child’s care needs. The Care Navigator will also help you to carryout the child’s Care Plan.
  • Consistent communication and collaboration with the family in your child’s care needs.

What is a Care Plan?

You and your family-centered Medical Home Team will create a Care Plan designed specifically for your child. The Care Plan will guide the Medical Home Team in its efforts to help your child achieve optimal health outcomes. The Care Plan includes: chronic condition specific treatment guidelines, wellness and prevention, plans for coordination of specialty care, a process for monitoring the Care Plan, and ways to support Members and families living with complex, chronic conditions.

How does a Care Navigator help my child and family?

Care Navigators work in partnership with your child, your family, your child’s doctor and other agencies to coordinate and manage your child’s healthcare services.  Care Navigators have expertise working with Members that have special healthcare needs.  Your Care Navigator may help you coordinate the following services:

  • Medical
  • Surgical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Behavioral health needs, and
  • Other needs

California Kids Care Providers, Care Navigators, Members, and Member families work together as a team to manage the patients’ needs in order to realize improved treatment outcomes and better overall health status for Members.